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Is it local?

How often do you hear that question now or ask it yourself when ordering or buying food?  We all want to support our local farmers and keep them in business.  We trust they don’t use any chemicals, that they are organic, and we like to be sustainable and support our […]

Eats, Nutrition


I get asked a lot about what is gluten and should we avoid it? Gluten is what makes bread stick together.  Think of gluten as the glue.  It is found in wheat, rye, and barley.   But it is also found in oat bran, wheat germ, and semolina which is the […]


Fresh herbs

I was so excited to learn about how to keep my herbs in the fridge because I was so tired of them going bad after a week and wasting money.  But low and behold here is how to keep them fresh and yummy! First cut off the bottom of the […]


Kale Chips

I try to incorporate dark green leafy vegetables into my diet everyday and here is a fun way to do it!  They are called Kale Chips.   I use dinosaur kale because it’s a little bit thicker and make for better chips.  Some of the benefits that Kale provides are: Kale […]


Oh salad I love you. You…complete me.

Wow.  I haven’t blogged since December?  My goodness school keeps me busy.  And I have so much information to teach y’all.  Well I am studying for my Advanced Nutrition Principles test tonight and had just made myself a salad for dinner.  And that is the reason I am blogging tonight.  […]


How to cut an onion and not cry!

This video below is a teacher of mine Cynthia Lair at Bastyr.  She shows how to cut an onion and not cry while doing it!  Her website is actually pretty funny as well.  You’ll find some great recipes and tips!  The reason I wanted to post this is because the […]


An orange a day keeps the doctor away

Vitamin C, aka Ascorbic Acid, is a vitamin that we can’t synthesize, so that makes it essential that you get it from your diet.  But did you know that dogs can synthesize it?  All the more reason to makeout with that cute mutt of yours! At least that’s what I […]