Powerful Words To Lift You Up

I still think of Robin Williams and how sad I was to hear of his passing.  There are just so many movies that he was in that will always have a special place in my heart.  He was so funny and such a great actor!  I know heaven is laughing a little more these days!

I will never fully understand depression.  I know people suffer from serious depression all of their life and it is a serious disorder.  And some go through hard times and have a hard time pulling out of it.  I have never been a sufferer of depression but I’ve been through hard times.  When I do feel like nothing is going right and dark days might be coming, I start getting busy with myself and look to figure out why I feel this way and what changes I can make.  I do know words have been very powerful with me, and have helped me make the right changes in my life to avoid being in a depressed state.  Sometimes it’s someone else’s story and how they pulled through or it’s quotes from real people who can understand and have pulled through.  Life is not easy.  We have so many choices in this world which can be great, but so daunting and confusing at the same time.

So I just thought I would share this article because I love a few of these and they have lifted me even higher.  And who knows, just maybe someone out there is having a bad day, bad times, bad year…maybe just one quote will inspire them.

Don’t let negativity in and never give up!