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Lovin’ me some chili

I just got back from Hawaii and had some amazing chili there!  It reminded me of one of my favorite dishes, chili and rice.  It’s a popular dish there and you’ll see it on the menu everywhere.  It has been one of my favorites since I was little, when we […]

got kefir?

    Vampires got nothin’ on us! Did you know we have 3.5lbs of bacteria inside our bodies? 9 times more bacteria than cells!  But there is a lot out there in the environment that can kill our precious bacteria.  We have enough beneficial bacteria to last us a lifetime […]


This salad is a great way to introduce someone to quinoa if they haven’t had it before.  We are using rice and typically you would think it should be served warm but during the summer its nice to cool it down and serve it somewhat cold.  Brown basmati rice and […]

Lamb chops with vegetable slaw!

Okay so I have never really been a fan of coleslaw but it was one of our assignments in my culinary skills class.  I was not excited.  I just don’t like all that mayonnaise and stuff that I usually find in the store bought coleslaw.  Well come to find out […]

Tasty Quinoa Salad

Okay…how many times have I mentioned or asked if you have heard of quinoa and all I get are deer in the headlights looks???  Well mainly from my family…haha, love you…but actually quite a few people.  One guy actually thought I was telling them to start eating ewok!  Do you […]