Everyday when I talk to people about their diets and I bring up eating eggs for breakfast is when I get the comment “well I do eat eggs, but only the egg whites, I have to watch my cholesterol intake.”  I also get that when I bring up using olive […]


Kelp pills have been selling out on the west coast of the United States since the nuclear disaster started due to concerns about fallout from the nuclear disaster in Japan. This is because kelp contains high levels of natural iodine which, when the thyroid absorbs it, prevents the thyroid from […]

Nourish with nature and seasons~

There is such a difference when it comes to fruit and vegetables when they are in season compared to off season.  The flavors and juices just burst with every bite.  There is a reason why you eat them when they are in season; they each serve a purpose.  For example, […]

Kefir fruit pops

I love being able to make my own snacks and treats and have control of what goes into them.  I recently bought some popsicle molds and love them.  I bought these at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  They even have a little straw attached just in case they melt a little […]

Is it local?

How often do you hear that question now or ask it yourself when ordering or buying food?  We all want to support our local farmers and keep them in business.  We trust they don’t use any chemicals, that they are organic, and we like to be sustainable and support our […]