Tasty Quinoa Salad

Okay…how many times have I mentioned or asked if you have heard of quinoa and all I get are deer in the headlights looks???  Well mainly from my family…haha, love you…but actually quite a few people.  One guy actually thought I was telling them to start eating ewok!  Do you […]

Sunscreen…yes, please take orally!

Summer has officially arrived here in Seattle!  I have been waiting for this day to come!  But guess where I’m sitting…inside!  Haha!!!!  It’s too hot for me out there.  It’s 91 and when it gets past 80, this girl is most likely inside.  (How did I grow up in Los […]

Are You There Sun? It’s me, Julie.

Oh yes, another cloudy morning here in Seattle. And yes I did just look at the calendar to make sure it was actually July 1st and I wasn’t just starting to lose my mind!  But what got me thinking about these clouds and no sun was my vitamin D levels.  […]

Are you eating a balanced meal?

Do you know what a balanced meal should consist of?  The 6 things that constitute a balanced meal are: Protein, Vit B12, a whole grain, a digestive aid, leafy greens and a vegetable.  A sample meal could be:  A piece of chicken, which would be your protein and vit B12; a spinach salad […]