got kefir?



Vampires got nothin’ on us!

Did you know we have 3.5lbs of bacteria inside our bodies? 9 times more bacteria than cells!  But there is a lot out there in the environment that can kill our precious bacteria.  We have enough beneficial bacteria to last us a lifetime when we are born, but when we take antibiotics or eat food that has antibiotics, it kills the good and the bad bacteria.  I have started drinking about a cup of kefir a day, actually about 2 cups since I have one right before bed, and it really has helped my digestive system.  I used to get upset stomachs all the time and was even diagnosed with IBS a few years ago.   Learning about Kefir and all the benefits about it in school has just been such a relief for me.

Kefir is like yogurt but has a lot more beneficial bacteria and yeast.  Kefir also has calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, B12, and protein!  It also has the enzyme lactase so people that are lactose intolerant can handle it.  Did you know that if your body has enough bacteria in it that it will change foods to vitamins that we need?  It’s called Biological Transmutation.  Thats why when people eat fermented foods and they say they have so much energy, it’s because when the bacteria dies it can become Vitamin B12.  Our bodies can produce about a cup of B vitamins a day so we have to keep replenishing the good bacteria!

Natures prozac~

The reason I take it before bed is because magnesium and calcium, which Kefir provides, is calming on your nervous system.   It’s also known as “natures prozac”!  Actually just a couple weekends ago I was at a friends house and they had a guest that cooked some of the meal.  Well I was the only one out of the group, besides the guest, that ate what he had cooked.  Come to find out he got extremely sick and was vomiting all night.  They called me in the morning to check and see if I was okay and I had no symptoms, wasn’t sick at all!  I truly think my body was able to fight whatever bad bacteria was in it because I have so much good bacteria to protect me!

You can find Kefir in different flavors.  I recommend buying the unflavored ones and just sweeten it with good raw honey or 100% grade B maple syrup.  Add it to smoothies, soups or salad dressing.



  1. kaceynielsen

    I totally passed this along to some people I know who have total #2 issues. is it weird all of my comments are about poo? Where do you score some kefir? Whole Foods or the equivalent? Or more easily located?

    • Kacey! Haha! I do always love a good poo conversation! But to be honest, poop can tell us sooooo much about what’s goin on inside. Yes you can get kefir at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. They have plain but also flavored ones.