Sleep to nourish

Diet, exercise, and sleep all coincide together.  They are all equally important.  Your body repairs itself on so many levels during sleep that it is really important to get good, deep sleep.  But when it comes to sleep, I haven’t always had the greatest.  I tried sleeping pills like Ambien and other ones but I just never felt truly rested the next day, so I had to find out the natural way.  I think everyone has to learn how and what they personally need to do to get a good nights sleep.  One size does not fit all when it comes to sleep mode.  Here is what has helped me:

Diet – There was a time when I would fall asleep just fine, but I would keep waking up throughout the night.  I started looking at my diet because people would keep saying maybe I was stressed, but I just wasn’t.  So I started looking at my diet and what I was eating.  I was eating well, but I wasn’t eating enough.  I decided to add an extra snack into my daily diet, which gave me an extra 300 calories a day.  Well after about a week, I was finally sleeping throughout the night!  My body just didn’t have enough to stay asleep and get into the REM cycle.

Length of time – We are always told we need at least 8 hours of sleep.  Well for me, I need just 6-7 hours of sleep.  I found this out because there was a time when I was starting to have daily headaches.  Just felt groggy.  And when I would take tylenol or something to help with them, they just weren’t working.  Well I realized I was sleeping too much.  I decided to make sure to fall asleep around 11pm and wake up at 6am every morning.   The headaches instantly went away!  If I sleep longer, I am groggy and achy all day.

Falling asleep – I think the hardest part is falling asleep.  I go to bed at least 30 minutes before I want to fall asleep.  I read a book or a magazine.  That always helps…well it didn’t when I was reading the Twilight series…Edward kept me up…but I didn’t mind!  😉  But it really helps to turn off the tv, computer, or anything else bright.  The only light I will have on is my bedside lamp.

Room scene – I also realized I ALWAYS slept well in hotels.  And it was because the room would be really dark because hotels always have those heavy curtains that don’t let any light in.  But also because I would turn on the AC and so the room would be cold.  I guess the heavy blankets and the room being chilled and dark made me sleep like a baby.  But also the humming of the ac I think also helped.  So now I put a fan in my room and keep my window open.  Its a perfect setting for me!

Your bed – I love a firm mattress.  My back always hurt on a soft mattress.  But then I bought a foam topper to put on my mattress and it is awesome!  It is so comfortable and my back or hips don’t hurt.  I highly suggest one!

Well those are what have helped me.  And those didn’t just happen over night.  But I figured it out and now sleep like a baby…or maybe more like my dog…

Here’s to a good nights sleep~