Take the guesswork out of your diet

Diets are confusing. Processed foods are confusing. Weight loss is confusing.

I wanted to share this article because it talks about not listening to all the diet hypes and why you should eat natural whole foods and includes studies that prove it! Bastyr teaches this and that’s why I chose to go there. They taught us a holistic approach to nutrition…to eat the whole food, to eat the yolk and not just the egg white, to eat butter, to eat olive oil….simply eat real food! So many diet pills have on the label “Includes CLA To Help Speed Weight Loss!” CLA…Conjugated Linoleic Acid…is found in meat and dairy products. People buy fat free dairy for weight control but then they miss out on the CLA found in whole milk. It’s backwards thinking. Please eat food closest to it’s most natural form as you can. Make it easy on your body. Feed it whole natural food. Don’t make it work overtime trying to figure out how to digest processed foods riddled with chemicals, and at the same time try to keep your body in good working order!

The greatest power each of us has is to choose! Choose wisely…eat to nourish.

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  1. Here is an interesting article posted on Dr Mercola’s site regarding GMOs and what is happening now in WA State. Thought you might be interested.. Nice blog…keep up the good work! BTW we met at the Met before the Seahawks/San Fran Game! Too fun! Stacy