Girl drinking water

Drink more water. You’re not sick…you’re thirsty!

Drink your water

All the commercials during the evening programs are for pharmaceutical drugs.  They get it into your head that your aches and pains and depressions can be fixed by their pills!  Never would they suggest a natural way as in drinking more water to make you feel better.  Where’s the money in that?

The human body is composed of 75% water.  Our brain tissue is said to consist of 85% water!  When you see just how high those percentages are, does that make you realize how important it is to drink water and keep our bodies and brains functioning properly?

We lose up to 2 quarts of water daily

…50% loss in urine, 25% through skin, 19% out of the lungs, and 6% in the feces.  2 quarts = 64 ounces so that is why you are always hearing to drink at least 8 cups of water a day.

Think of it as like a plant.  You have to keep watering plants to keep them hydrated so they grow.  Well our bodies are the same. And instead of our leaves going brown or our soil going dry, we have aches and pains to tell us we need to be watered!  (I know that sounds so elementary but whatever gets this info to your head, I’m going there!)

This book I am reading, “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water” has really opened up my eyes to the possibility that we are in serious dehydration and we don’t realize it.  He goes into specific details of many diseases and how they ultimately began from dehydration!

Don’t treat thirst with medication

The author claims You’re Not Sick; You’re Thirsty!  Your body has thirst signals.  Why does a dry mouth have to be the only accepted sign of dehydration?  Pain in joints is a sign of dehydration, a headache is a sign of dehydration, constipation is a sign of dehydration, dry eyes is a sign of dehydration!

But aren’t we lucky that the pharmaceutical companies came out with a different pill for each one of those symptoms!  Why don’t we just try drinking water instead and get our bodies back into full hydration to see if that works first?  Those are classic signs that we don’t have enough water inside our body to function properly!

Do we disregard how important water is because its a free source to us?  Is it right in front of our noses that water just might be the cure for a lot of these so called diseases that the pharmaceutical company wants to label to make us feel that we are sick and in desperate need of their pills they want to sell us to make us more sick and in more need of their pills?

Please let’s stop this madness

Since water shortage in different areas of the body will manifest varying symptoms, signals, and complications now labeled as diseases, people may think water could not be offered as a natural solution.  Water to cure so many of these diseases?  No Way!  These diseases that were produced by dehydration which the only remedy for these conditions is water and nothing else.

Has your doctor ever asked you how much water are you drinking when you start talking about your aches and pains?  I think that should be the first step in seeing if your body is just in dehydration phase.  Our bodies have many thirst signals and pain is one of them!

All I ask of you is to please drink more water

64 ounces just covers what your body is burning on a daily basis.  But what about the diuretics you drink that need to be replenished with water like your coffee in the morning?

For every cup of coffee you drink, you need to drink a glass of water, and that is on top of your 8 glasses you already need to drink.  Coffee is a diuretic, so it makes you pee.  And that goes for liquor as well.  And that is also why you get a hangover when you drink too much!  Your body wants to get rid of it fast so it takes your water reserves and helps to get rid of it which in turn makes you dehydrated because you aren’t taking in enough water to replenish.  And then that is why you have aches and pains or a hangover or a migraine.

The MAXIMUM of water intake daily is 1 gallon.  Just like anything, you can take in too much and then it does become unhealthy.  A good reference is to drink at least a MINIMUM of 64 oz., but to drink half of your weight.  So if you weigh 160lbs, then drink 80 oz a day.  And try not to drink it all at once, maybe just drink a glass an hour and make it simple.

I highly recommend you read, “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

In fact, that should be written on a prescription instead!

To your health~






P.S. You can get a good carbon water filtration in a store near you or on Amazon.  I don’t recommend drinking water in plastic bottles that aren’t BPA free.