Eat and Exercise with Lose It!

Okay, so I just have to blog about this app.  I have absolutely loved using it.  I downloaded it onto my phone and it has made it so easy to keep track of my eating and exercise activities.  I don’t necessarily totally 100% believe in having people count calories and worry about their diet that way.  All calories are not created equal!

But this app helps to keep track of truly what you are eating.  When you write a food journal, sometimes it does really show just how much you are or not eating.  It helps to really see it.  I make all my clients send me at least a 3 day food journal before our first appointment and yes they grovel but it really does help me see what they are eating and it helps them realize it too.  They usually are shocked at what they see.  I usually am looking more for allergy inducing foods along with a questionnaire of symptoms they also fill out and compare them side by side.  But if you are just looking to keep track of food and calories, then this is the app for you!

I have been using the free account and it has been enough for me.  It is so easy to plug in your foods!  They have a huge database and either you can search for a food, scan the barcode, or snap a picture of it.  It’s awesome!  And it has pictures of the food.  And you can also create recipes so when you keep eating the same recipe you can just choose it and upload it quickly.  You can also pick an activity you did like weight lifting or walking, etc.  But they also have classes from popular gyms in there too.

You pick how many calories you want to eat and what your goal is.  So when you plug in your food and then plug in your activity, it will calculate your net calories.  And this is all with the free account!  If you want to upgrade to the premium, it’s only $3/month and then you can calculate more than just calories like macronutrients instead.  You can also create meal plans and much more.

I highly recommend it.  I don’t get paid for blogging about this either.  I just have loved using it and so have my clients.  It helps me to keep track and be mindful of just how much you are taking in and how much you are burning up!  Some of my clients have been amazed at just how much they truly have been eating and not questioning so much any more about why they have gained weight.  Sometimes you just don’t see how many calories you truly are taking in.  And when days get busy and you aren’t working out as much, this app helps you realize that you need to burn those calories you are taking in.  Working out and movement is so key to good health.  You have to keep things moving.  Our bodies were not meant to sit.  That is not how God made our bodies.

So if you’re looking for inspiration and a fun way to help you out, download Lose It!  You won’t regret it!

In happiness and health~