Did someone say “Flywheel”?!?!


There is a new spin studio that opened up in Seattle called Flywheel.   Spin classes are indoor cycling classes…just in case you didn’t know.  😉  I absolutely love these classes!  They are only 45 minutes long which is good for me because at that 46th minute I guarantee I would fall off the bike!  When  I tell people they should come and try a class out, the first one is free by the way, they always ask how much it is.  I tell them $25…and that’s when I brace for the look and the squeal…”$25???  That is crazy expensive girl!!”   Yep, I get that alllll the time.  Well let me tell you, girl, what you’ll get for $25!

  • 45 minutes of pure sweat…which is awesome by the way.
  • Fun, pumped up music, DJ style.
  • The numbers on the bike are digital, so you can be at the exact RPM and Torq the instructor wants you to be at instead of just guessing…I was never sure in a regular spin class that’s why I love being able to see exactly what number I’m on.
  • Free click in shoes which makes you get more out of the workout.
  • You choose your torque name, mine is Nascar just in case you were wondering ;), and during the class they have races and display the names on the leaderboards, which are 2 flat screen tv’s above the spin instructor for everyone to see so it will make you go faster and push harder if you’re competitive at all…but that doesn’t really get me going at all (yeah right)!
  • They dim the lights in the room so it feels more private I guess you could say.  I don’t feel like everyone is staring at each other which makes you more apt to ride hard and not care if anyone else is watching!
  • Sometimes the classes are themed to the likings of Beyonce or Rihanna or The music at the Grammys.  Super fun!
  • They provide towels and water.
  • They have lockers, dressing rooms, and showers with all the amenities a girl needs (or guy!).
  • They always have food and fruit after class.
  • And the best part, they provide your results from class online under your personal account you create.  It looks like this: (click to open larger)

Flywheel results 2

So I take a spin class once a week, aka my ‘Sunday Ride’.  Yes it may seem like a lot of money but I budget elsewhere to afford these classes.  One dinner out costs $25, or two lousy cocktails will run you $25, or five lattes will cost you $25…but I never hear anyone complaining of those.  Trust me, these classes will love you back a whole lot more than those things will.  When you sit down to pay your bills, see where you can cut some crap out and replace it with a nice ‘Sunday Ride’!

Look forward to ridin’ with you soon~