My awesome plyometrics P90X workout

I have to blog about my plyometrics workout this morning.  It is such a great workout!  It is one of the DVDs that is in the P90X set.  Like I said in one of my other posts, I’m really trying to build back my muscle.  Why you ask?  Well I can’t find it first of all!  Seriously.  I keep losing so much year after year.  And when you have more muscle, not only do you burn more calories but your bones are stronger as well.  I’m always thinking ahead.  I don’t want to be an old person that can’t walk and move around and not be able to do simple things.  I want to be strong and fit!  But for now, I want to look good in my jeans. 🙂

If you are looking for a good workout, I highly recommend P90X.  I also do my Butt Bible videos but this plyometrics workout gets you jumpin’ and sweatin’!

You don’t use any weights in this one and I like it because it has a ton of squats but they only last for 30 sec each session.  But you repeat each session twice.  It lasts about an hour and you are moving the whole time.   They do give you about 3 water breaks in between.  Or maybe I just like these videos because you get to watch this in action:

Mmmmmmm hmmmmmm…that’s Tony Horton and he’s awesome.  He’s funny, he’s empathetic, he’s smart, and he knows his stuff.

And remember to eat lots of protein within an hour of your workout so you can replenish those hard working muscles!

I’d love to hear from anyone else who are doing these workouts!  Let’s get fit and nourish together!


  1. Great article.
    We often need motivation to keep fit and active and with the p90x routine this is possible as it’s actually fun and you can see the pounds shake off you!

    • I agree. I just got done with the routine and still just love it. Tony Horton is so fun and it just makes the time fly by!! Now I’m ready to start my day!
      Thanks for stopping by~