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Bok Choy me baby!

Don’t be passin’ by that bok choy and not putting any into your cart or basket.  Just 1 cup of this cabbage is going to nourish you with: 53% of your daily value for Vitamin C 11% of your daily value for Folate 42% of your daily value for Vitamin […]

Chicken Nuggets

While I was going over a menu for a client I was telling her about this recipe and talking about sugar not being in the recipe.  She looked confused and said, “But Julie, chicken nuggets don’t usually contain sugar so what do you mean by that?”  So I went into […]

My first time eating Poutine!

So I’ve been visiting a friend in Canada and we went to Costco the other day.  She said we have to get some Poutine.  I of course asked “what is that”?  She showed me the picture and explained that it’s fries, gravy, with some cheese curds.  “Ummmmmm yeah no thanks” […]

Quinoa burritos

Quinoa…oh how I love thee.  It nourishes me with protein and all the amino acids to make it a complete protein!  You can eat it hot, warm, or cold.  You can eat it alone, with veggies, or with fruit.  You can eat it in a salad, or burritos, or make […]

Smoky White Bean Chicken Chili w/Fire Roasted Tomatoes

I promise you will love this chicken chili!  The shredded chicken is sautéed in the smoky spices while the white cannelloni beans add a nice creamy texture!  Then throw in the fire roasted tomatoes and you have quite the chili.  The whole family will love it.  You can freeze left-overs […]

Say bye to heartburn naturally

I just know y’all are being so good and eating your fruits and vegetables and have them daily with your meals.  But just in case you need another reason to get some vegetables and leafy greens in your diet…it’s to alkalize.   What do you mean by that Julie?  Awwww […]

Turkey Chipotle Muffins

Okay so wow the sunshine has been amazing the last couple days here in Seattle!  And it’s warmer at around 60 degrees too.  It has felt so good to have the sun on my face.  It’s weird to think just a couple weeks ago we had our snowstorm and it […]